S.C. FIBREXNYLON S.A. - Savinesti Industrial Platform

Located in the North-East of Romania, in Neamt County, the Savinesti Industrial Platform, owned by FIBREXNYLON S.A. - member of RADICI GROUP Italy, has been built in the fifties and conceived as an integrated chemical platform from phenol to textile fabrics & yarns.

After year 2000, due to the undesired decline of Romanian chemical industry and also to the international market fluctuations, the operations of Chemical Division have been stopped and the plants have been preserved for further restarting. When was very clear that the situation of chemical industry is not improving, the chemical & related plants have been definitively shutdown and the main textile activities have been transferred to the new created company YARNEA (www.yarnea.ro), exclusively dedicated to production of fashion&interiors yarns, industrial yarns and tirecord fabrics.

Caprolactam Production Unit
FibrexNylon Front view
FibrexNylon Textile Relon 1