Presentation of FibrexNylon Savinesti Industrial Platform

Romania is situated in the Southeastern Europe, in the Northern part of Balkan Peninsula, inside and outside of the Carpathians Mountains, on the Danube lower course, bordering the Black Sea.

Neamt County is located in the North-East of Romania, in Moldavia historical region with the capital city at Piatra Neamt, having a number of approx. 580.000 inhabitants. Neamt County is both an industrial and touristic area.

Location of FibrexNylon Savinesti Industrial Platform

Neamt County is an industrial area: approx. 58% of population is involved in industrial activities;

The main industry areas are represented by mechanical, chemical, textile processing, wood, furniture production & processing, engineering & I.T., services and tourism;

Good transportation infrastructure (roads, railways, airports nearby in Bacau - 60 km - weekly flights from and to main Italian & European airports);

Services: international banks (Unicredit Tiriac, Italo-Romena, Intesa SanPaolo, BCR Erste, BRD Societe Generale), consultancy in fields of finance & accountancy, legal advisory and human resources;

Living houses, hotel accommodation and resorts at western standards and very interesting and developed touristic area (historical monuments & monasteries, spectacular mountain landscapes, lakes and forests). The local authorities intend to invest substantially in this field of activity;

Skilled labor force at very competitive costs and continuous developing infrastructure and services;

Very good relationships between companies and local authorities; wide popular consent for European direction; attitude extremely positive towards foreign investments; easy communications (English, French, German and especially Italian);

The low costs and high educational level make Neamt County an area to be taken into account when thinking about developing new businesses in Eastern Europe.

Neamt County

Located in Savinesti village, very close to Neamt capital city - Piatra Neamt (5-6 km), FibrexNylon Savinesti Industrial Platform started to be built in 1957 - 1958 and conceived as an Integrated Industrial Platform starting from caprolactam and related chemicals production to nylon and fibres production. There were several stages of development and investment until year 2000.

The total area of FibrexNylon Savinesti Industrial Platform is about 155 ha including production facilities, storage areas, internal infrastructure, utilities, and office buildings.

Presently there are about 20 production / services companies that are operating on the FibrexNylon Savinesti Industrial Platform, plus other companies operating nearby.

Available industrial lands & buildings for rent Available industrial lands & buildings for rent Available industrial lands & buildings for rent

Within the FibrexNylon Savinesti Industrial Platform there are available for rent lands and buildings for industrial activities:

  • various free lands or ready to be free-up for new buildings
  • production & storage buildings ~ 60,000 sqm
  • workshop & other buildings ~ 32,000 sqm
  • office buildings ~ 6,500 sqm

FibrexNylon Savinesti Industrial Platform


  • electrical power;
  • waters (industrial, potable, demineralized, softened);
  • wastewater sewerage;
  • biological treatment plant;
  • other technical utilities.


  • internal roads and railways;
  • electric & mechanic workshops;
  • automation & metrology;
  • IT network, phone, fax, internet;
  • general services.
  • Interim management;
  • Finance: accounting, financial services, business analysis & reporting;
  • Human resources: personnel administration, payroll, relations with authorities, recruiting and selection, personnel training;
  • I.T.: application software/hardware support, training, internet/intranet and network services;
  • Technical Services: maintenance, investments control, procurement, metrology;
  • Legal and General Affairs: lawyer consultancy, relations with authorities;
  • Quality-Environmental: quality system development, implementation and monitoring;
  • Safety: first aid, fire brigade, security;
  • Logistics: internal transports (loading/unloading), external transports, loading platform, warehousing, customs assistance.

7, Gheorghe Caranfil str. - 617410 - Savinesti (NT)
Neamt - Romania
Phone: +40 233 205.000
Fax: +40 233 205.180

Contact person
Mr. Marius Zavada
Executive Director
Phone: +40 233 205.112
Mobile: +40 724 200.892

SC FIBREXNYLON SA efectueaza activitatea de epurare ape uzate in Statia de epurare – Biologica, situata in Savinesti, str. Spicului, FN. Functionarea instalatiei, din punct de vedere mediu, este autorizata de Agentia pentru Protectia Mediului Neamt, care a emis, pentru acesta, Autorizatia Integrata de Mediu nr. 5/14.10.2015.

La sediul social al SC FIBREXNYLON SA din Savinesti, str. Ghoerghe Caranfil, nr. 7, jud. Neamt poate fi consultat “dosarul de informare publica”, in zilele de marti si miercuri, in intervalul orar 10:00 – 15:00.